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How to add value to your home

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Although a recent publication ‘suggests’ that living close to a Waitrose Supermarket can add 50% to the value of your home it is probably a better idea to look for ‘real’ internal ways to improve your properties value instead of waiting for an upmarket grocery to pop up on your street.

A recent study conducted by Spicerhaart, revealed the most effective and least effective DIY home projects to undertake in an attempt to improve the overall value of a property. The findings provided some interesting results with Swimming Pools being the most worthless home improvement whilst acquiring space for parking and improving the kitchen is likely to add the most financial benefits.

There are truly hundreds of ways, big and small, to improve a property however, as the Spicerhaart survey revealed, some make more financial sense than other. With this in mind below lists the 5 best & 5 worst improvements for adding real value to your property.

The 5 best improvements for adding value to your home

1.  Parking/Garage

2. Kitchen/Dining Space

3. Central Heating

4. Garden

5. Double Glazing

The 5 worst improvements for adding value to your home

1.  Swimming Pool

2. Garden makeover/Decking

3. Internal Décor

4. Bad loft conversions

5. Porch

In addition to these improvements planning is imperative to ensure that the desired results are attainable. It is a good idea to work out who is your most likely type of buyer and cater for their needs accordingly. Furthermore try to avoid any DIY SOS situations as this can result in substantial amounts of mess and damage. If you are completely new to home improvements it is probably a wise decision to seek professional help and advice throughout the work. Such will safeguard you from any mistakes and the potential of failing to abide by local legislation requirements.

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