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5 Steps to Increasing Your Savings Account Balance

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It is a great feeling to see the amount in your saving account climb month on month but it is a pretty frustrating experience when this doesn’t happen. If you are currently failing to increase your savings in the way you would like then it might to time to look at one of these steps.

Set Up an Automatic Monthly Transfer

It is easy to say that you plan to transfer money over to your savings account every pay day but how often do you actually do it? The simplest way to make sure that this happens on a regular basis is to set up an automatic monthly transfer. This means that the amount you decide will be passed over from your current account to your savings account before you even see it or get tempted to spend it. Of course, you will want to do this for an amount you can afford to put away each month.

Earn Extra Cash

If you want to save more money then a good way of doing this is by earning more of it. There are lots of different ways of doing this and it is a question of finding the one which best suits you. For instance, if you are good at researching and writing then you might like to look online for a writing job such as one writing essays for This means that the additional money you earn can go straight into your savings account each month.

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Choose a High Interest Account

It is fair to say that the amount of interest you earn on your savings doesn’t make a huge difference to the balance at first. If you only have a small amount of money in there then the amount of interest you are given will be negligible. However, as the balance increases the interest rates takes on more importance, so you might as get the best one you can right at the start and then keep an eye open for alternatives as time goes on.

Don’t Make Withdrawals

The fastest way to mess up your savings account balance is by making lots of withdrawals. If you do this then the money you have worked so hard to put away will soon disappear. This is why it is much better to set up an account which makes it difficult for you to take out money. If there is a notice period for withdrawals then this will make you think twice about taking out money, which might just be enough for you to forget about doing so.

Look After Your Pennies

You might not always be able to make big deposits into your savings account but sometimes lots of little deposits can be just as good. It is a great idea to get into the habit of putting away all those coins which end up jangling about in your pockets or falling down the back of the sofa. If you save this money all the time then before too long it should add up to a decent amount of cash.

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