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5 Tips on Making Effective TV, Internet & Phone Provider Choice

Each home pays a considerable amount on its utilities and we all would love to save on our monthly expense to fund our personal passions and family vacations. After years of making choices regarding my utilities at home, I have come up with certain suggestions that will definitely save you money but you will also end up with best service. This article will give you some of the easiest tips on making effective choices, while opting for your basic utilities, to cut your monthly expense without compromising on anything, especially not on convenience. Probably it’s enough for building up your excitement and capturing your interest. At the end of the day, we all love saving, if not to fill our bank accounts, but surely for fun-filled vacations and buying different things to carry on with our personal passions.

We all love watching TV, imagine a life in which you can’t watch your favorite TV shows, unable to follow favorite sports and stay unaware of local and international news, don’t they all sound simply unimaginable??? So we can’t disconnect our TV connections. Same goes for internet and Home Phone, they contribute so heavily to our daily routine that leaving them behind is not an option anymore, but there are definitely things that we can do before signing up for our next subscriptions, to save more and enjoy the best!

  1. Always Bundle Them All

Before you go through any other details, make sure you bundle all your cable TV, internet and home phone together, to not only cut cost on your Cable TV expense, but also to save on your internet and home phone at the same time. Bundle offers will not only help with cutting cost, but it will save you time too. You will no longer be required to go through all three services separately and renew your subscriptions at different times. All major TV providers in US, including AT&T, COX, Xfinity, Charter, TWC, Frontier, etc. offer their customers with excitingly cheap bundle deals.

  1. Don’t Go Direct, Go Through Authorized Retailers

Surprisingly, you save more when you opt for authorized retailers instead of going to TV providers directly. The authorized retailers offer exclusive packages that are not available directly through the best cable TV companies. Hunting for an appropriate authorized retailer is not a difficult task at all, all you need to do is to go on your preferred search engine and type the name of your favorite TV provider and couple it up with ‘authorized retailer’. Do not forget to write bundle deals to hit two birds with one stone. For example, at&t authorized retailer bundle deals, Xfinity authorized retailer bundle deals, Cox authorized retailer bundle deals, TWC authorized retailer bundle deals, etc. Choose the most valuable and cheapest bundle deal and share it with your family and friends.

  1. Number of Channels Matters, So Does the Installation Cost

You are not here to compromise, make sure you end up with maximum number of channels in your packages. Don’t let go anyone thinking that you don’t watch it, you never know your next guest lives mostly watching the same one. Also, many households lose on paying large sums of money for equipment and installation service. So stay alert on this one too, try for the package that offers best installation plan, if not free.

  1. Opt for Technological Edge, Assure Next-Generation Convenience

The latest technologies have made lives easier and lifestyles convenient. So take your time and study the additional features these TV providers are offering. You will definitely love the additional features such as remote control calling, on-screen call alerts, free on-demand movies, battery backups for alarms, etc. You ought to step ahead of time, be the first one in your community to opt for the latest technology and become a trendsetter.

  1. No Long Term Contracts

What if your employer does not let you find another job and forces you to stick to the same job on same pay for years?? Isn’t it outrageous?? You are no slave! So why committing to long term subscription contracts when it comes to TV, internet and home phone! You never know what future holds for you, especially in a market segment where competition is nerve-racking and they all are looking forward to do anything to get more customers. So opt for short and lucrative ones so you have more liberty in switching for anything that interests you in days to come.

About me:  Rashid Khan is a blogger who is notorious in his community for bargaining at every shop in his town. He writes to fulfill his inexorable passion for writing, making new friends and to support a bargaining culture.

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