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5 Tips to Save Money

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Whether you are trying to stick to a budget, save some money for a special occasion or just want to look cut your outgoings then thanks to the ever rising cost of living you may find it difficult. However, there are several ways in which you can easily cut down your outgoings and save money.

Here are our 5 top tips to saving money!

Use promotion codes

One of the easiest ways you can save money on your purchases is by using promotion codes and promotion codes websites make it relatively straight forward to pick up the latest active codes and get a discount on your shopping. Although many prefer to look for promotion codes such as “10% off your total spend” you may find that free delivery codes will save you more money so you should calculate which codes are best for your basket value before proceeding.

Click and Collect

A relatively new concept that most of the bigger department and high street stores are now making available is the click and collect feature. This means you order your items online and then collect them from your nearest store. Click and collect orders are generally free to do so and you therefore save on postage costs.

Delivery Subscription Services

Click and collect isn’t always a convenient option for most. Recently there has been an increase in online retailers who are offering a delivery subscription service and this involves paying a one off yearly or monthly fee and as a result all orders you make are delivered free of charge. If you regularly use the same retailer you may find this provides you with potentially huge savings. An added bonus of this feature is the delivery included in the subscription tends to be premium or next day so there is no waiting around for days for your order. Currently ASOS and Amazon are two of the main retailers offering this service with supermarkets such as Tesco also following suit with a similar concept.

Financial Freedom Books!

Sign up for store loyalty cards

Many department stores and supermarkets have loyalty cards such as Tesco’s Clubcard and Debenhams’ Beauty Club cards. These are generally free to sign up with but will reward you with exclusive special offers, rewards depending on how much you spend and news regarding new products which suit your purchasing habits. As you can see the few minutes it takes to sign up to these cards is definitely worth all of the potential benefits you can get!

Wait for Sales

Shops especially department stores such as Debenhams tend to have regular sales beyond the mid season and end of season sales. Blue cross events at Debenhams can give you the opportunity of huge discounts, typically 20% but even as far as 50% at times and these are held regularly throughout the year. If you are looking to purchase something and there hasn’t been a sale or event recently consider holding off even just for a few days. Savvy shoppers also buy out of season in the sales or plan ahead considering future events such as holidays or the birthdays of friends and family members when the sales are on.

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