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5 Ways To Find Emergency Cash

Whether you are looking for cash to give your business a kick-start or trying to pay the bills, there are ways to get the required sum in an emergency. Here are five effective solutions to an unexpected money crunch.

#1. Apply for a logbook loan

If you have a car, there’s no need to worry about not getting cash quickly. After being approved for Auto Money Logbook loans, applicants receive the necessary sum within a couple of hours. This money source can be used by any UK resident who owns a car including people with bad credit histories and those who have been made bankrupt.

#2. Sell things you don’t need anymore

Everyone has things they don’t use anymore. Why not make some money by selling those unnecessary things that only clutter your home? Consider selling books you’ve read, baby gear in good condition, clothes that don’t fit and your old mobile phone. Cut the price by half and you’ll sell your no longer used items within an hour or two. Use platforms like eBay and Craigslist or organise a garage sale together with friends to attract more buyers.

#3. Sell stock photos

Photo stocks are popularly used by online businesses today. You can create a stock-photo account and take pictures if you have a camera. Fortunately, stock photos are quite easy to take and there’s plenty of inspiration online. Besides, you can make money passively once you’ve uploaded some photos to your account.

#4. Become a tutor

If you have a skill, you can teach others how to do that, be it writing, dancing, or driving a car. Announce your offer on social networks or leave your contact number at schools and learning centres. Finding several students allows making some cash quickly.

#5. Sell crafts

If you’re a crafty one, advertise your crafts on platforms like Etsy and social networks to connect with thousands of potential customers. Be it knitwear, jewellery, or accessories, handmade items are very popular these days.

There are many ways to find emergency cash even if you have bad credit. Following these tips will help you have a fuller pocket in just a few days.


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