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Budgeting for your Pet Costs

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Having a pet can be an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience. But when it comes to feeding, grooming and generally taking care of your beloved animal, there can be some hefty costs incurred. There is also the unfortunate chance that your pet could get ill, causing you to fork out yet more cash for vet bills. Most people will do anything for their pets regardless of the cost, but what do you do when you’re worried the budget won’t stretch?

Think about the following when planning how to save money on looking after your pet.

Pet Food

Many people are drawn in by the adverts that promote expensive luxury pet food while claiming it is somehow better for your pet. ‘Premium’ labelled foods are not worth the extra money so they are best to avoid if you are trying to save money. Instead opt for food labelled ‘balanced’ or ‘total nutrition’ to make sure you are not compromising on quality for a lower price. It is also a good idea to buy your pet food in bulk and look for coupons in your local newspaper to save even more money.

Groom your Pet

If you take your dog or cat for regular trips to the local grooming parlour, it might be worth considering preening your pet yourself. Brush your pet’s fur daily to give them a beautiful coat and trim their nails using a sharp nail clipper to cut off the tip of each nail. Dogs should also be washed at least once every three months.

Shop Around

It is not recommended that you skimp on proper medicine for your pet; however you don’t have to necessarily buy it from your vet. Compare prices for medicine such as flea and heartworm medication in pet stores and online for a much lower cost. You must make sure that any medication you buy is approved by your vet however. Illnesses in pets can also sometimes be prevented through regular checking for ticks and other abnormalities. It also doesn’t hurt to shop around when it comes to animal insurance. Whether you are after cheap horse insurance or any other kind for that matter, you can always take a look online.

Your pet might be your pride and joy but it doesn’t mean they should have to cost a fortune to care for. Budget everything carefully and you’ll soon be finding those tricky costs easier to manage in no time.

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