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How to Get a Life Insurance Quote Without Submitting Personal Information

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Life insurance companies typically require personal information about you before they can provide you with a quote for life insurance or income protection coverage. If you want to get a life insurance quote without submitting personal information, there are some options available to you, although the quotes may not be as accurate. The reason why life insurance companies require so much personal information is partly because they want to be able to follow up with you and close the sale after providing you with a quote, but mostly because they need it in order to provide you with accurate pricing information.

Find a life insurance broker

Life insurance brokers are able to provide comparison data for multiple life insurance providers. Getting in touch with a life insurance broker is much more efficient than submitting personal information to each company. Instead, you can provide your information to the broker just one time and they will be able to provide you with quotes from all of the top life insurance companies. This is a much more reliable way to compare several life insurance companies; however, life insurance brokers do typically require some personal information. The benefit is that you only have to provide it once.

Use a life insurance calculator

Online life insurance calculators can provide you with an up-to-date quote and they typically do not require personal information. This is an option that you have available to you, particularly if you are not keen to the idea of submitting your personal information to a life insurance company. These calculators are not going to be entirely accurate, but they can provide you with a fairly realistic quote. You will also not have to submit any personal information about yourself other than very basic details. Some of the details that are typically required of life insurance calculators include your age, salary, and current health. These details are necessary in order to be provided with an accurate quote, but you will not have to provide your first name, Social Security number, or anything that could be considered personal.

Speak with a professional life insurance consultant

Someone who knows the life insurance industry should have the professional experience to provide you with an accurate quote. They should know the typical going rates for life insurance policies and they shouldn’t require any personal information in order to give you an up-to-date analysis on how much you are going to pay. This is generally the best way to get an insurance quote without submitting personal information. The life insurance consultant will obviously need to ask you some basic information, but they shouldn’t need any personal details about you. Speaking with a consultant is also a great chance to address any questions or concerns that you have about life insurance policies. Consultants are usually paid by the hour, but they are sometimes paid by referring customers to life insurance policies and earning commission from the policy provider. If you can locate a consultant that is paid on a commission basis, they should be more than willing to help you without requiring payment up front.

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