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How to Keep Control of Your Finances When You’re in a Pinch

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We live in straitened times. With even the working wealthy among us having to cut back and stretch their spare pounds further than ever before, you can at least take heart in the fact that these days, this is much more of a common struggle, even in relative terms.

But there are times when you have to get from a lean period to a better place and there seems to be no bridge. But this time will pass like any other and meanwhile, you need to live strictly within your means to get through it. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Reckon up

Take a look at your bank balance and plan how far you can get on what you have and work out a budget. Write down all your outgoings, setting aside what you can for the essentials only and reckon it up against what you have. If there’s still a shortfall, then make eliminations where possible. Being ruthless is of the essence – and try to remember it won’t always be this way. After all your deliberations however, it may still be necessary to take out a small loan, and when you need a fast loan who can help? MyJar may be able to help you, so check out their terms and conditions.


This relative to where you live, of course. If you are able to walk or cycle to work, all the better, as this will cost you nothing. If you live in London, see if it’s possible to replace the majority (if not all) of your tube journeys with bus journeys, even if it means walking at little further at either end of the journey – this method is a surprising effective money-saver. If none of the aforementioned options are possible for you and you simply have to take a train or a bus, look into concessionary fares, as you may be eligible for something. If you have to drive, try and avoid using your vehicle for anything but travelling to and from work.


We’re not going to suggest self-denial is a virtue here. It’s just that if employed to a certain degree, a period of abstinence from nights out – whether to pubs, clubs, restaurants or the cinema – will very quickly make a huge difference to your finances. Many films are free to watch online these days, so your nights in needn’t be monotonous at all.


While it’s a good idea to buy plenty of stock items (i.e. tinned goods and pasta) be savvy about exactly what you buy. What you need are ingredients for stews, casseroles and bakes – things you can freeze and will last for a good while. Buy value range if your closest supermarket is one of the major chains – the majority of it is of a far greater quality than you’d imagine. Also, try and make trips to discount supermarkets, which offer up inexpensive fare from abroad, some of which you may never have tried before. Supermarkets are you best bet when you’re feeling the pinch. It may be a nice notion to support local shops, but the price of convenience is always higher. This way, you’ll quickly find more of your notes stay firmly in your wallet or purse.

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