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How to Look Stylish on a Budget

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If you’re trying to save money or pay back your loans – and living on a tight home budget at the same time – it might seem impossible to look stylish and still stick to your weekly allowance. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to keep up with the newest celebrity fashion trends – these simple tips and tricks can help you indulge in your passion for fashion, without being a big spender.

Organise your home budget

The most important step is to figure out how much money you have to spend in the first place. Essentially, this just means diligently recording all your earnings and expenses in order to figure out how much you will be able to spend on fashion. Getting organised doesn’t have to be time-consuming – from using an old fashioned notebook, to using an app to track your money – there are plenty of ways to help you plan.

Give your closet a makeover (and make some money while you’re at it)

Not only will cleaning out your closet remind you of all the beautiful clothes you already own, but selling on what you no longer wear means you can earn some extra cash. Whether you take them to your neighbourhood market, or prefer eBay – if you put some effort into making your old stuff look its best, you’ll be guaranteed to earn a bit of spending money.

Know how to shop

Once you’ve successfully cleaned out your closet, it’s time to implement some smart shopping tricks. From now on, it’s all about thinking twice (and potentially thrice) before handing over your card details. If you really want (and need) something, sleep on it for a night or two before you go for it. Think: do you have a good reason to buy this? Do already you have something that’s similar to it? Is it good value for money? And, most importantly – can you get anything like it for less money elsewhere?

Know where to shop

Charity shops are great if you are looking for basics, and if you visit charity shops in a more affluent area, you are likely to find high-quality gems for a fraction of their original price. If you’re into vintage shopping, vintage kilo sales are a great way to make bargains, especially if you are buying lighter items such as shirts and dresses. So consider the maths – you could buy one or two pricier pieces every month, or you could buy more for less money if you go for second hand. It’s all about your personal preference – and as long as you stick to your home budget, you will be fine.


Simple outfits can look instantly fashionable if you know how to accessorise with jewelry and make-up. If you’re wearing a simple shirt and jeans, pick a statement necklace or some big earrings to go with it. Match your basic dresses with bright lipsticks and nail polish, and no one will remember that you’ve already worn the same outfit last week.

Get creative with your outfits, and you will look more fashionable than ever – no one will suspect you’re actually living (and shopping) on a tight budget.

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