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How to Put Your Stamp on a New Property Without Busting Your Budget

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Getting a new property can really put a dent in your finances. As well as covering the cost of the home itself, you’ll have all the legal fees and removal costs to pay for. This might mean that by the time you get the keys to your new place, you don’t have much money left to redecorate and improve it.

However, as long as you’re savvy, you can put your stamp on your property without busting your budget in the process. There are plenty of inexpensive home improvements that you can make. This guide details some of the simplest and best.

Revive your walls with a fresh coat of paint

One of the first things you should do when you move into your new pad is add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. This will instantly transform the look of the place and it’s cheap too. Even if you’ve bought one of the big homes for sale in your neighborhood, it won’t cost you much to stock up on enough paint.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours. For example, you might want to add feature walls to some of your rooms. A bold feature wall in your lounge can give the space real personality. To achieve a coordinated look, make sure you tie this wall into the rest of the room by opting for soft furnishings in the same hue.

Bear in mind that it’s easier to do your painting first before you start filling your rooms with furniture and other items.

Add plenty of pictures

Another top tip is to add plenty of pictures to your walls. For example, digital prints of your favourite family snaps will make a great addition to your living room, hallways and bedrooms. Also, put some thought into the artwork you showcase in your property. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these items and they add interest and sophistication to your rooms. It’s possible to buy an impressive selection of prints in art shops and online.

When you’re choosing artwork, try to make sure it complements your overall design theme.

Get great deals on furniture

It’s easy to splash lots of cash on new furniture. However, you don’t have to break the bank to furnish your new pad. Rather than buying brand new products, you can search for good-quality second-hand items. You might be surprised by some of the bargains available out there that are just waiting to be snapped up.

Invest in new appliances

If your property is lacking appliances, or it has these items but they’ve seen better days, it’s time to invest in new ones. Making sure your property is well kitted out will help you to settle in and make your life easier. Also, there are some good deals available on home appliances now. Having a fully-functioning washing machine, fridge-freezer and dishwasher will help your household to smoothly.

Following these simple tips should help ensure your new property looks and feels like home in no time.

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