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How to Save Money on Household Cleaning

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Spring clean, summer clean, winter clean… There’s now increasing pressure to keep our houses looking spotless at all times. And when you consider the costs of cleaning products, equipment, as well as your precious time – things can really add up. So, to help you cut down on the amount you spend on keeping your house ship-shape, we’ve put together some essential housekeeping tips!

Bigger Savings

Firstly, think about how you might be able to spend less on cleaning products – are there items you use a lot and could potentially buy in bulk? Perhaps look at wholesale suppliers to get your favourite products in large quantities. To make sure you get the most out of your products, take care to store everything correctly, too ­– when left in direct sunlight, some chemicals will deactivate, so you should ideally keep them in a clean and dry cupboard. And if there are children in the house, remember to ensure products are out of reach!

Next, think about the type of equipment you use the most. While it’s tempting to go for the cheaper option, these can break or get worn out very quickly – so have a think about investing in some good quality items. Not only will you get better products, but it’ll save you money down the line as they’ll be much more likely to last longer. Good quality equipment can be purchased at specialist online retailers so have a look around the web, read some reviews, and dedicate a bit of time to getting the kit right. As the saying goes, a workman is only as good as his tools, and when it comes to cleaning – this could mean saving a bit of cash!

Cut Costs in Half

One of the best housekeeping tips is to use semi-disposable cleaning items. There are lots of ways lower the overall spend here. Simply by cutting some items in half, you could actually half the cost! Take scouring pads, for example. These are generally pretty expensive, especially those infused with soap, so use scissors to separate them in half. This way, they will last twice as long and create less waste (they are never as good the second time you use them anyway). Likewise, have a think about your cleaning cloths – some of them should be thrown out after one use, but others can be put in the washing machine and used multiple times. For more info on how to clean the house, as well as how to use your machine correctly, have a look at some housekeeping tips online.

Financial Freedom Books!

So, with just a little imagination and a bit of research here and there, you can find lots of ways to minimise costs. Remember to focus on your shopping habits first and foremost – buy in bulk, go for quality long-term investments, and use your items wisely. In no time you’ll have the house sparkling clean and have spent hardly any money at all!

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