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Is It Possible To Lower My Council Tax Band?

Is It Possible To Lower My Council Tax Band?

For many of you, there are times that you have asked yourself the question, “is it possible to lower my council tax band?” Taxes are a necessary part of life without which you have no right to ask for any services from your government or municipal council. However, there are times that you must have felt that the amount of taxes you are remitting to your council are far beyond what you are expected to pay. If you are in this category of people, it is important to sit down and recalculate your earnings to see if you can lower your council tax band. This will allow you to pay what is fair to you with respect to what you actually earn.

In order to achieve your council tax re-banding goals, there are several steps you can take. One of the very first things you should do after you have moved in into a certain neighbourhood is to make use of the public information available on property bands. Alternatively, you can ask your neighbours, who have similar types of properties to yours, the tax band you are in. You can do this by consulting the Valuation Office Agency if you live in Either Wales or England and the Scottish Assessors Association if you live in Scotland. If your neighbour is in a lower tax band than yours, then you have a right to make a claim that will allow you to be moved to a lower tax band. This will also allow you to get backdated refunds, if you have been making higher payments for a while.
There are also other ways to lower your council tax band. If you are disabled and you live in a property, you are allowed to make a claim to have your tax band reduced by one. This applies especially if your disability requires you to make changes to your home or purchase a larger house. The lowering of your council tax band is also possible if you are a person who provides care to a disabled person for at least 5 hours a day. In such a case, you as the caregiver, have a right to claim tax discounts from the council which may result in you paying taxes of a lower band that you otherwise would.

If you are a full-time student, then you are not liable to pay any tax if you live alone. In a different case scenario, if you pay council tax and you have a low-income, then you have a right to claim benefits that will see you paying taxes of a lower band. You can check with the council to see the benefits you qualify for. If you are a low-income person who lives with another adult who is not in a position to pay any neither council tax nor rent, then you are eligible for quite a bit of reduction in tax. This means that the council tax you owe would most likely, be of a lower band than you would otherwise pay.

You can get your council tax band lowered through many more ways. Always make sure you keep track of your allowances and expenses to claim full benefits.

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