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Saving money this winter

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Winters are almost here and what worries most of us is not only the biting cold, but the heating costs and higher bills. Why not stay two steps ahead and prepare early to bring those costs down and keep the bills low?  Just make a pre New Year resolution this year to make your home more energy efficient. On this page you will find some fine and easy tips to cut your heating costs this winters and say good bye o to those huge heating bills.

Keep warm
Wear sweatshirt, sweaters, coats, socks or whatever it takes to keep you warm. It makes no sense to walk around in shorts with the heater on. Keep yourself warm in a comfy blanket. Throw rugs on the tile floors to keep the cold temperatures away.

Cover doors and windows
As you do not use all the doors and windows, it is a good idea to cover those that are hardly used with plastic to keep the cold out. There are also window kits available that c you can use these winters. A good idea is to hang old blankets on the windows.

Keep the oven open
If you use your oven frequently to bake, you should leave the oven door open a crack. You will be surprised to see the amount of heat in that oven. Put it to good use for keeping the temperatures comfortable.

Use heater only needed
Don’t leave the heater on if you are not in the room. This can reduce the electricity bills significantly.

Fill all the cracks
Any cracks in doors, windows and the basement floor should be filled in using silicone tube that will hardly cost you anything. You will be surprised to know how much heat is lost  through these cracks.

Close unused vents
All those vent leading to rooms that are not used regularly should be closed. For example, the guest room may not be getting used. This can conserve the energy usage.

Invest in a programmable thermostat
Keep the heat at a comfortable level in the room with the help of the programmable thermostat.  The thermostat can make the necessary adjustments while you are in or out o the house, thus saving energy.
Use the above simple tips and go ahead and improvise your own to keep the electricity bills low these winters. Keep yourself warm and your wallet warm too!

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