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UK Industries Defying the Recession

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Although it seems that every time we open a newspaper or tune in for the news all we hear about is the financial doom & gloom surrounding the economy, there are many sectors making the most out of the situation and bucking the trend by posting remarkable growth figures.

Economic Doom & Gloom

Last week it was announced that the UK narrowly escaped an unprecedented triple dip recession as GDP figures grew by 0.3% over the first quarter, however such news has done nothing to ease the tensions and fears of yet another difficult year and the potential of a recession in the near future.

If such fears turn into a reality, millions of job seekers could still find themselves unemployed throughout 2013, leaving a year that was set for growth and prosperity quickly becoming a year of reductions and redundancies.

Sectors of Growth

Despite the tough financial environment, that has seen numerous businesses collapse, there are glimmers of hope that could help drag the UK from yet another economic meltdown. Certain industries, regardless to the health of the wider economy, consistently grow by adapting to the environment they find themselves within.

With this foremost in our minds, below highlights a few examples of industries that are defying the odds and making the most out of the situation they find themselves within.

  • Recruitment –The recruitment sector has defied the recession by positively flourishing throughout the economic downturn. Increasing numbers of companies are now outsourcing their HR recruitment requirements to external niche specific recruitment companies. Such enables them to take advantage of recruitment experts and allows for time and money to be saved. Recruitment, especially for high skilled professions can require extensive resources and time whilst trying to locate the ideal candidate.
  • Renewable Energy Sector – If current trends continue the renewable energy sector within the UK is set to grow considerably within the years leading up to 2020 as the UK aims to hit EU targets in regards to reductions in Co2 outputs. Increasing amounts of investment are being made as the UK government attempts to meet the growing demand for energy through green sources.
  • UK Cinema – One of the UK Industries defying the Recession is the British box-office. Cinemas in Britain and Northern Ireland took a record £1.1bn at the box-office in 2012 which is substantially higher than had been expected and a 5.9% rise on 2011.

About the author: Chris writes on behalf of Star Actuarial Recruitment who provides leading edge recruitment for the actuarial profession.

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