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5 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bills

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Whether you pay your heating bills weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly we have all gone through the frustration that the colder months brings us when it comes to the amount we are spending on heating. We then try to reduce our bill by trying to take immediate actions the most common is turning the heating off and adding more layers of clothes. Well in this article we will be discussing 5 simple ways you can reduce your heating bills without breaking the bank.

Replacing Windows

A common cause of heat loss is through old windows, this comes in a range of ways from broken seals to single pane windows both of which can reduce the temperature in your house quickly. Fixing these problems can be as simple as fixing broken or worn seals this can cost as little at £1 per metre. Alternatively you can replace your windows with double or triple glazing in a bid to make your house air tight.


As many of you know from school, heat rises and in your home there is no difference, the majority of your heat can be lost through your roof. Over the years there has been numerous government schemes to add insulation to your loft, but if you are looking to do this yourself you can find yourself loft insulation for as little at £1.80 per SQM. Allowing you to decrease wasted heat for an average price of £300 to have it professionally installed. Loft insulation isn’t the only way you can also have cavity wall insulation which can also give you huge savings on your heating bills.

Check your plumbing

When spending too much on your heating bills you should start to consider looking into your plumbing and heating system to see how efficient it is. You could be focusing all your time on insulation where the problem was as simple as getting a new boiler, speak to your local plumber about your heating bills as they will be able to come round a do a few tests to see if your heating can be improved. Something as simple as a little bit of plumbing maintenance can really make a huge difference, one of the most common fixes is power flushing. Over time your system can build up with debris caused by corrosion of the pipes and radiators which can cause the system to become blocked and reduce the flow of heat reaching your rooms from the boiler.

Block any and all drafts

Some of the best ways can be the simple ones, try feeling around your house for a draft. Most houses have a few from exposed pipes to gaps around window frames, many of these can be fixed quickly and cheaper with simple materials. For instance if you can into consideration an exposed pipe leading through and exterior wall, these can sometimes have a gap a few CM’s around the pipe, by simple filling this with expanding foam or another type of filler you can reduce the amount of airflow into the house.

Use the sun

The cheapest and easiest tip you can carry out right now is to ensure you leave your curtains open. I know, it sounds too simple right? Well despite the freezing temperatures outside the sun will provide radiating warmth through the window. In the winter the sun is usually lower which depending on your house’s layout provides a direct line through your window giving you unlimited FREE warmth. However you should always consider closing curtains during the night as they can reduce the effect of drafts.

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