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How to Achieve Financial Freedom  

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Current digital technology support makes it easier for anyone to achieve financial freedom as early as possible. Young people are now also able to easily do financial planning with various supports from various platforms or applications. Through proper financial planning by adapting to the needs and situations experienced, you will find it easier to achieve financial freedom. The first thing we need is financial planning. Here we must be able to adapt to situations and needs that tend to change from time to time. In addition, the book The Financial Freedom Equation is a financial freedom books that you need, to achieve financial freedom according to the plan.

By reading The Financial Freedom Equation, you can strengthen the foundation to encourage the achievement of financial planning in the future. He revealed, to make financial planning that is adaptive, of course, it is also necessary to conduct an evaluation at least once every year. The financial planning cycle consists of determining planning objectives, evaluating current conditions, including what needs and situations are faced. Then, make financial plans, implement financial plans and evaluate plans according to a certain time period. To achieve financial freedom, it is necessary to go through the pyramid stages, where the most important stage from the bottom is the need to meet basic needs, protection, or protection and have an emergency fund. Furthermore, it can only move up to the next stage to meet the needs of education, pensions, and inheritance funds.

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When both stages have been met. then one can make an investment. On “The Financial Freedom Equation” the order to achieve financial freedom is as follows:

1. Financial stability Through a stable financial condition, at least being able to meet basic needs, as well as being free from debt and having an emergency fund which amounts to around 3-6 months of income. If this first point can be met, then you can start to invest.

2. Financial Independence This second stage, is that you need to see your financial condition and sufficient funds to start investing. Of course, investments should not be made with hot money or money allocated for daily needs, such as school fees, shopping fees, and so on.

3. Financial freedom At this stage, you don’t have to think about where to get money from when you need something. Besides that, at this stage, you also don’t need to go into debt to meet your needs.

The most important thing is to do it now to achieve financial freedom. Therefore, always review your insurance protection and tips to achieve financial freedom according to your individual needs.

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